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urban renewal by chapmonkey
From chapmonkey

Ham-Bushed-1 by pastichepat
From pastichepat

And Justice For All by Dan Shearn
From Dan Shearn

the river by night by tweeny
From tweeny

Memorial by Dan Shearn
From Dan Shearn

Bath Skyline 2 by Forrest Pearson
From Forrest Pearson

Early morning,edge of the city by chippy1920
From chippy1920

as i walked out by incidental music
From incidental music

Towering Inferno by pastichepat
From pastichepat

 by incidental music
From incidental music

Benevolance by archidave
From archidave

Bath Balloons by tweeny
From tweeny

Oblivious Or Indifferent To The Sights. Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath, Somerset. by Terrorkitten
From Terrorkitten

Blank canvas by Tom Guilbert
From Tom Guilbert

Circus Lighting by Jammy Roger 75
From Jammy Roger 75

Body Repairs by sunface13
From sunface13

Scan-080802-0002 by Dan Burbridge
From Dan Burbridge

friday night by chapmonkey
From chapmonkey

Bath Buildings by tweeny
From tweeny

Still of the night by Andy Clist
From Andy Clist

Site Seeing June 2007 by pastichepat
From pastichepat

Bath Time by CharlieCharlcomb
From CharlieCharlcomb

They Charmed The Past From Me With A Smile. Bath Abbey Churchyard, Bath. by Terrorkitten
From Terrorkitten

Pulteney Weir Night by James Whitlock
From James Whitlock

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