Hello chaps

Lens Cap Tony PRO 12:48pm, 11 March 2010
just joined :o)

and I'm looking for a sketch of a barn-door so I put one together, any help appreciated :o)

julian.. 8 years ago
Best doing a google search. That way you get instructions too. A sketch won't tell you the important bits you need to know. It has to be constructed millimeter perfect to get the best result. They are really simple to make, but there is a bit of maths involved. You are essentially shoving a few bits of wood together and forcing them apart very slowly. But at the same time, there is a bit more to it.
kajord 8 years ago
My motorized barn door mount is based on the following:
(from Sky & Telescope, June 2007)

The curved-bolt design is probably less desirable if you are turning it by hand, but works well with a motor.
myyorgda Posted 8 years ago. Edited by myyorgda (admin) 8 years ago
my opinion is :
whatever the design, precision and simplicity in the building of the mount is the main point.
when the darkness comes, everything gets complicated : not to bounce into the mount, no to loose some screw. once I awfully realized I didn't test the modified mount during daylight, and it would unexpectedly completely loose balance at some point ...
go slowly, don't jump any step.
myyorgda 8 years ago
very nice link collection, julian.. !
Lens Cap Tony PRO 8 years ago
thanks guys, good links - off to the diy store :o)
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