A Princess 1:50pm, 21 September 2006
You might have noticed a Map option at the top of the group page, why not click on it and have a look? It's fantastic! You can drag your photos onto the map and share their location with other people.

I like zooming right up (sometimes not possible in rural areas) and seeing my back garden and using the 'Hybrid' option to see a map/photograph.

Happy tagging!

A x
Chris Knight 11 years ago
mine have been taken at some particularly interesting locales, check 'em out...particularly interesting in that most people wouldn't take photos like these at places like that. I love the "microscopic" sorts of photos, and they make great desktops for the computer. (Why do they call it "macro" when you're taking pictures of something up close? Shouldn't it be called "micro"? :^)
A Princess 11 years ago
Chris, I looked up macro and it seems to mean very large, so I suppose it's when you go in VERY close and give things a distorted scale...

Geotagging is great!
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