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Mr. Fiend has a nice summary with some of his thoughts on them as well:
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Hey all, just thought I'd link to the write up for the abovementioned ride
Weather was perfect
Everyone had a good time.
8 teams of five.

Fastest did the 140ish km ride with 60 some km of loose gravel, in 6:00 elapsed or so, (35 minutes stoppin') two flats
Slowest in nine hours elapsed

anywho, we like the format

Stay tuned for our fall DoubleCross two person time trial on mixed terrain.
And the Fixed Gear Fall Frolic
Rides are fun!

rodd in ottawa
roddheino 9 years ago
Hey just wanted to add the write up for the two rides mentioned above
Better late than never
Fall Fixed Frolic here:
Pics here:

Double Cross two person TT here:
pics here:

Rodd Heino
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updated links and added some new ones
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Here's another one
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Added this 400K mixer to the list:

Pretty epic!
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