graywolf41 1:42pm, 21 April 2008
So, as I am surfing the net in search of updated information on all Arizona Renaissance Faires, I come across this posting.

Basically it reads that due to the strained economy, Renaissance in the pines is cancelled for this year.

That is two faires that have been cancelled and I am so bummed.
bunnydebbinflag 8 years ago
What gives with the renaissance in the pines. I loved it. What happened? Why aren't they here? Will they be back?
Just Jim1 8 years ago
It was replaced by the Grand Canyon Renaissance Faire which has been held on Independence Day weekend for the last 2 years, and has a contract for 3 more.
gbrummett 8 years ago
I am bummed as well this is a sad trend!

Will look into this Grand Canyon Ren Faire thanks Just Jim1
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