randmkaos 1:21pm, 31 March 2008
This past Friday (28-March-2008) a member of the Carolina Renaissance Festival family was killed by a drunk driver.

Lisa Smith was a long time member of the Carolina Cast. Her character name was Lady Mannors. She was know for her wonderful costuming and brilliant character. Currently, several friends are working on funeral arrangements. I'll re-post details as they become available.

Lisa didn't have any immediate family and CRF's Cast was very much her adopted family. A memorial site has been set up for condolences:

http://www. virtual-memorials. com/main. php?action=view&mem_id=12736&page_no=1

Also, if by chance you have any images of Lisa, please post them to the "Carolina Renaissance Festival" Flickr Group:

graywolf41 10 years ago
Sad news indeed. Did she perform in the AZ Renaissance Festival?
randmkaos 10 years ago
No, Lisa was only on cast at Carolina. But, several of the people that tour knew Lisa from their visits to Charlotte and appearances she's made at Georgia and other faires.
randmkaos 10 years ago
We laid Lisa Smith to rest at the Salisbury National Cemetary on Monday 14-April-2008. The Commitment Ceremony was organized by several members of the CRF Cast.
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