Rose Family Photostream PRO 2:59pm, 30 December 2007
Happy New Year to Mela-mama - who will certainly have a very exciting 2008!!!

fire plug

Thanks for the inspiration. It will be a warm and glowy week I think. I don't have my 4 for this week so I need to get to work!
mela-mama 11 years ago
thanks for choosing my photo :o)
happy new year to you to!
lorimarsha PRO 11 years ago
Oh wow! I'm going to love this week.
lorimarsha PRO 11 years ago
I was feeling kind of blue because of this dreary weather but visiting this yellow/orange pool perked me right up.
I'm sure we are all glad to have been of service -- warm mosaics coming up...

k8tron PRO 11 years ago
Loved loved loved this week. Lots of similar favorites...

Favorites from orange+yellow week
MineFull 11 years ago
lots of bright sunny photos to warm up our drab dreary weather!
fav's from color+color: week 25 orange+yellow
lej619 PRO 11 years ago
wow what a great week this is

ORANGE+YELLOW: Week 25 -- Sunday, December 30 - Saturday, January 5
erthsister PRO 11 years ago
And one more that didn't get posted in time...
Little Cow-Yellow-Orange
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