Rose Family Photostream 1:51pm, 11 November 2007
Feeling the need for an "easy week" - this one seems appropriate. Thanks again j.towbin.

Autumn Leaf Color Inspiration
eren {sea+prairie} 11 years ago
MMmmmm...yummy combo!
j.towbin © 11 years ago
Thanks Happythings! It is one of my favorite color combinations. I hope everyone has fun with it this week!
Danarah 11 years ago
Hot Chocolate with Fresh Mint
Animals, grasses, food, houses -- what's not to like about green+brown? Thanks to all for a great week.

MaryJaneM 11 years ago
Hey, thanks!
lej619 11 years ago
made it a little late :(

trip to Pennsylvania (300)
commonplaceiris 11 years ago
After a few unfocused weeks I did take pictures for the green+brown challenge but didn't get them uploaded in time. Being in New England I took a lot of end of fall pictures, here's a mosaic:
green+brown mosaic
Then on Saturday I was walking around town and noticed this on one of the buildings and had to include it:
MineFull 11 years ago
green+brown fav's mosaic....

fav's from color+color: week 18 - green+brown
Danarah 11 years ago
Thanks for the fave, happythings!
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