Rose Family Photostream 2:49pm, 12 August 2007
OK - No more blues... now for something completely different! Inspiration for this week comes from JIGGS and a wonderful elephant. Thanks!
(to be replaced by photo when it is placed in photostream)

Check out the rest of her photostream for some lovely pictures of her home, Australia.
I'm interested to see what you all come up with for this week. When the second color is WHITE, any other third color in the photo can really take over instead of being a neutral background. I know you guys will rise to the challenge, as usual!
truvy57 (Dorothy) 12 years ago
Whoo hoo I got in here right after "the boss" this morning! Love your choice, as I always do!!
lej619 12 years ago
So only RED and WHITE ?? right- way to cool.
vectonia 12 years ago
lovely combination and so summery !
off to search ...
The boss, hehe....

Yes, the Boss says try for only RED and WHITE -- though truthfully, as always, I feel the goal should be that the colors of the week should be THE FOCUS of the picture - what your eye goes to first. If there is something else in there that doesn't distract then fine!
andtherestishistory 12 years ago
Yay! I just finished a project that works perfectly for this.
aplseed photography 12 years ago
So,that elephant is going to be hard to match,LOL
lej619 12 years ago
there are some really good shots this time-- not to say there weren't last time either-- might just have to do 2 mosaic's. lol
truvy57 (Dorothy) 12 years ago
I agree with lej619! I was just gazing at the amazing red and white photos - you are all so inspiring!!
aspiring notebook [deleted] 12 years ago
YAY!!! Red and white!!! Like the Canadian flag! Thank you!!!

proud Canuck.
I am enjoying all the red and white too. I remember red was a really great week in YoC 1 so I'm not suprised -- but I tell ya, looking at all the thumbnails together is really making me smile. Like a big candy cane or something. Yay!
mela-mama 12 years ago
red & white

red & white mosaic
outoffocus53 12 years ago
Wow, another great color+color sucess! Awesome shots by all.
MaryJaneM 12 years ago
The pictures keep getting better! Apologies for my lame entry but my camera broke and this all I had in my mini archive on my daughters laptop! My computer is on the fritz too! Yikes.
Sorry maryjane -- I send you positive technology vibes!!
aspiring notebook [deleted] 12 years ago
More positive techy vibes from me!
Thanks for the suggestion, JIGGS. Red and white was so much fun. And it was more, um, uniform than the other weeks just cause there isn't much wiggle room in RED or WHITE. JIGGS can have the honors of picking 3 of her favorites if she'd like. For me, I had trouble choosing just nine.

MineFull 12 years ago
Here's my weekly color mosaic... I like how the red and white subjects differed so much from the past few weeks.

fav's from color+color week 5 - red and white
just maryse 12 years ago
i loved this combo, i just wish the week could have been longer.
just maryse Posted 12 years ago. Edited by just maryse (member) 12 years ago
august 15, 2007

august 16, 2007

adaptable direction [deleted] 12 years ago
Longer Truths, Longer Lies. 19 July 2007
Danarah 12 years ago
Too late for the pool, but ..

Color + Color :: Red + White
purple hummingbird 12 years ago

Had to wait till last night to get this one
mirthful 11 years ago
Better late than never...

Red and white
bethany actually 11 years ago
I didn't find this till a few days ago. :-)

Old coffee can
hangar pipes

Argh - I forgot this one myself.
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