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DeepBluC ADMIN February 7, 2016
This group is almost 10 years old!

How best to celebrate? Please email me ideas.

Thanks, keep posting your awesome photos!

Group Description

UPDATE (7/2/16) WOW! It's nearly 10 years since this group was created and a lot has happened in the life of this group and the fortunes of Flickr too. I have gone from using compact cameras and DSLRs to mostly using my iPhone- times have changed a lot. Anyway, please continue to post your awesome photos. Cheers, Deep.

When commenting on a pic you've seen in the group, simply copy and paste the following along with your comments:

I saw this great image in:
<a target="_blank"
href=" />Awesome Nature</a>

Any photo of nature--flora, fauna, mammal, insect, reptile, oceans, glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls etc. All are good. Unique, breathtaking pictures are awesome!

Photos where people are the focus of the photo rather than nature will be deleted. I know we are part of nature, but this is a scenery group!

Please DO NOT post copyrighted photos that you don't own.

UPDATE 24/03/06-This is my 1st update since i, DeepBluC created this group about 6-8 weeks ago. I am very impressed with its growth and the number of really cool photos people have posted. Initially i was the main admin dude for this group, but after a month i promoted a member and now recently i have promoted another member, to admin dude status, these people are:

1) Becky Lou

2) Dustdevildiver

I want to thank these guys for getting some chat going in this group and helping to celebrate 200 members and their cool photos!

For the other members and new members, please continue to post cool photos and to invite new members to this pool!

UPDATE 15/12/06-A bit of a random update here. It's 5am in UK and I'm working nights. Just wanted to say how amazed i am with the growth of this group since my last entry in March. All my thanks go to Dustdevildiver who tirelessly does the weekly photo competitions and entries in the group blog and also to BeckyLou for her contributions too. Unfortunately due to work committments, I have not been as active in this group compared to when I created it. Things are busy at the moment and I haven't had the opportunity to take any new photos!

Anyways. To all out 2000+ members---i hope you carry on posting cool photos and inviting other new members here! Cheers, DeepBluC

UPDATE 28/08/07-Another random update from me, DeepBluC. Wow! I am so impressed with how this group has grown and developed since its inception in January 2006. We have nearly amassed 5000 members! Once again i must congratulate DustDevilDiver and BeckyLou for their input and enthusiasm. Without them both, this group may have fallen by the wayside. Any ideas on how to make this group better are much appreciated. Cheers guys and gals, and please continue to post awesome photos!

UPDATE 10/12/09-This group is still going strong! Wow very impressive! Due to work and social life, my activities in this group has waned a bit. Life changes, but i still love this group and want to see it grow and flourish. So i've decided to allow people to join as new administrators, but with a twist.

Keep posting dudes! DeepBluC


-Odd and abstract

-"Bird Brained"

-NARCSASG (Sunsets and Sunrises)

-Snapshots of the World

-Perspective Rules!

Group Rules

I am amazed how big this group has grown in the 10 years since it was created.

99% of the time, posters adhere to the rules, but some bad seeds often photobomb or post inappropriate photos, so I've decided to restrict access and will block anyone that does not follow the rules.

Anyway, please keep on posting your awesome photos!

Additional Info

  • Members can post 5 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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