Beckles Family HERITAGE 11:49pm, 10 March 2015
Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr., who is a Church Pastor, School Principal/Teacher, Civil Rights Leader, Famous Book Author, and a Volunteer Firefighter. In 2011, he made history as the first African-American Fire Captain of the Clearwater Fire Department, and these Promotions came from Dr. Beckles 16 years as a dedicated firefighter, who risked his life to help protect citizens in his community.

Born September 28, 1972, Rev. Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr., was educated in South Carolina, graduating from South Aiken High in 1991. He began traveling around the world serving his Country in The U.S. Armed Forces for approximately 10 years in The U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army National Guard. While in military service, he entered South Carolina State University graduating in 1999 with a major in History with a minor in Arts, and in 2000 earned a Master’s Degree in Theology from New Life Theological Seminary. He received his doctorate in Divinity from New Life Theological Seminary in 2002. Dr. Beckles was licensed to preach in 2005 and ordained to the gospel ministry in 2008 at the American Fellowship Church. He has been teaching in the Richmond county public school system for 4 years, and taught at Aiken Academy. In addition, is presently a graduate instructor in Christian Counseling and Dean of Specialized Studies and Operations at the Augusta Academy & Children’s Christian Center, and Church Pastor at the Church of God and Sons for Christ Ministries (2005-2015). Rev. Dr. Beckles has been called by the Holy Spirit to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world through the Voice of God Evangelistic Ministry, a community based program consisting of; prison ministry; youth ministry; convalescent care; men’s fellowship and men’s outreach mentorship. Dr. Beckles had served as Sunday School Coordinator & Pastor of the Church of God and Sons for Christ Ministries; and also appears on television for Watchman Christian Broadcasting, and is The Candidate for District 2 Board Member of The Richmond County Board of Education (Augusta, GA.) Dr. Franklyn Victor Beckles, Jr., and Mrs. Adrian Felicia Beckles (Parents) THEIR CHILDREN: Christian Alexander Beckles (Son) 10/23/02, Dayshia Jan’ee Beckles (Daughter) 6/16/09, Aleiyah Rosetrice Beckles (Daughter) 8/2/10, and Miracle Victoria Alese Beckles (Newborn Daughter) 11/22/13. Currently, Mrs. Beckles is expecting to have another Baby in September (2015)… Dr. Franklyn Victor Beckles, Jr., is a notable: Reality TV Star/Movie Actor, Firefighter. Celebrity Scholars and the National N.A.A.C.P., have followed Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr.’s career and academic achievements, and many was quite elated when he became televised as a local hero, and a Civil Rights Activist. Dr. Beckles is also a known History Scholar, Book Author, Comic Book Writer, Civil Rights Leader & Children’s Advocate in the pursuit of modern civil rights, a Private School Principal (who was also a great Public School Teacher), and Church Pastor of the Church of God and Sons for Christ Ministries. He was a candidate for Board Member in District 2 of the Richmond County Board of Education 2014. Now my father is a renowned published Christian Book Author. May God Almighty continue to enrich and bless the Beckles Family!!

Unsung Black History Pioneer: Professor Franklyn V. Beckles, Sr., was the first African American to start & develop the Computer Science Department at Aiken Technical College, and lobbied to have the racist College Administration to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday!! From 1989-2014, he managed and directed the first African-American Private School in Aiken County, South Carolina, educating hundreds of black men and women of all ages, to become productive citizens in The South. My father and I didn't like the direction America is going in regards to many things that compromise moral values, but our biggest concern was how often the Public School System in this country keeps failing our youth. Especially when it comes to African American male students. American public schools keep lagging in quality education for all students, and it's not going to improve unless we all work together to do something about it. For 27 years that's exactly what my father and I have been doing, to improve the crisis with embattled & poorly managed public schools in our community. Back in 1988, my father had a vision to help all children despite discrimination, who were mistreated or neglected by the Aiken County and Augusta Public School Systems. Together my father and I opened an accredited private school, to properly educate kids who were unfairly expelled or forced to drop out of school by incompetent teachers and administrators. My father started "Aiken Academy", and enrolled many children from all over South Carolina and Georgia! My father (an ordained minister) was eventually able to successfully educate thousands of students looking for private school education, to rectify the problems they had with public school education. Soon students came to him for help from across the country! Aiken Academy aided students in earning high school diplomas, college credits for prestigious universities, employment opportunities, and U.S. Military enlistment. After graduating from college, I became the Vice President at Aiken Academy and carried on my father's work whenever he was overseas on Outreach Missionary Trips for Christian Education. During which; I developed important skills as an educator, that I would later use in establishing my own private school in Augusta, Georgia. I had a fierce pride for my father, and for what he accomplished in helping thousands of high school drop-out students through his respectable private school. My father's work inspired me to carry on his legacy in many ways, including becoming a notable civil rights leader, renowned Christian minister, and community activist advocating against bullying, child abuse and racism in local public schools in Richmond County. I started "The Children's Christian Center" in 2009, and with the support of my wife and children, this private school continued helping children of all ages who were victimized by the Richmond County School System, and Board of Education for years. I also became more active as a Community Leader and Volunteer Firefighter for various Fire Departments, and ran for political office as District 2 Board Member for the Richmond County Board of Education. My love for helping people as an ordained minister, allowed me to incorporate Christianity into private education (which is usually not allowed in public schools), and I taught Biblical studies along with our secular class subjects. Helping people and saving lives has always been a Beckles Family tradition; from ancient times unto my generation, I'm proud of the fact that my family's history always involved working in: Christian Ministry, Education, and Military Service, Law Enforcement and Healthcare fields to support our communities and help our country become a better place to live! My prayers are that my children one day continue to serve God, carry on the Beckles family tradition, and help others in need. Watching my father dedicate his life to assisting people in need was my "wake up" call for me to honor God by doing the same thing. Neither one of us could have accomplished it alone, without the love and support of God Almighty and our families. My wife and kids are still my greatest inspiration to persevere through the struggles of being an unsung hero like my father. Doing the right thing is the only way that I choose to live by. America desperately needs to WAKE UP, and turn to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! Fortunately, my son Christian Beckles helps stay encouraged by being a hero himself. When he was bullied and victimized at Copeland Elementary School (in Augusta, GA.) at the age of 11, my wife and I enrolled him into our private school. Despite all odds, he has excelled as a student, and assisted me during my political career to become a Board of Education Member. Now, Christian is a Christian youth minister and is writing & publishing children’s books. My father's legacy in Education continues to live on in his grandchildren, and inspires people like me today. A new private school will be opened in his honor, and named the “Franklyn Beckles Computer Learning Academy”! This Christian Private School will comprise of: Computer Learning Skills, Computer Gaming, affordable Daycare, Biblical Study Program, Youth Ministry, a small historical museum and library dedicated to honoring unsung African American male heroes like my father who made an impact on Black History in South Carolina!
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