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Julie Auffrey ADMIN September 25, 2016
* * * INVITED BIRD PHOTOGRAPHS ONLY* * * Birds must be the primary subject. If you don't have an invitation, please request one.


Monthly Contests have been cancelled until further notice.

Group Description



Each photos must have an invitation before being placed in the main gallery.

Excellence In Avian Photography (invited images only: 5 / week). Get yours at

Excellence in Avian Photography (EIAP) was created by ForestWanderer in February 2007. It was inspired by the Excellence in Floral Photography group, and a similar avian group did not exist at that time. Its purpose was to bring together many of the excellent bird photos taken by photographers, worldwide, where we can all enjoy and comment on them. As Flickr changes its formats, EIAP has had to adapt, as well.

Month's top five in real time - group Excellence In Avian Photography (EIAP) -- INVITED IMAGES (2/day)

RULES: The rules/guidelines are located at EIAP Group Rules In English, En Español, en français, and Auf Deutsch. Please review them occasionally. Thank you.


Once you become a member of EIAP, you may post excellent invited bird photos to the moderation queue directly by using the "Add to a group" link in the "Actions" menu item when viewing your photo.

It is mandatory that each photo you post to the pool have an invitation from someone other than yourself. If you have an excellent bird photo and would like an invitation, please submit your photo to the Photograph "Invite Me Please" thread. All photos are now moderated, as well, to ensure there is an invitation and that an excellent quality level exists with the photograph, before it is allowed through to the main gallery. An admins decision on acceptance will be final.


The Invite and Award codes are now located at HERE.


WINNER of the 2015 Contest of the Year

Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus); by Tim Harding

Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus)


In accordance with Flickr Community Guidelines, inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.


The tag "AvianExcellence" will be added automatically to photographs submitted to the EIAP pool, by the pool sweeper.

Blocking an administrator or moderator of the group will likely result in exclusion from the group.

Thank You!

View the photos considered the most interesting by viewers.

Excellence In Avian Photography (INVITED IMAGES only: 2 / day) - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

Group Rules


In English, En Español, En français, and Auf Deutsch. Thank You, Gracias, Merci, and Danke!


In English

GROUP RULES -- Excellence in Avian Photography (EIAP)


1. EIAP is an invitation-only group.

2. Please submit only the invited bird photograph containing the EIAP Invite code that is posted on the group main page.

PLEASE NOTE: If you were invited once, it's only for that specific image, to add more pictures every individual photograph needs to have the EIAP Invite code. Images found without the invite code in the EIAP Pool will be removed from the pool, no exceptions!!! Repeat offences will result in further administrative actions being taken, without notice.

3. Invite other excellent avian images and avian photographers!

(You don't have to be a member to invite someone's photograph but, please, no inviting of your own images.).

4. Please DO NOT repost an image. Once an invited image has been accepted to the pool, don't delete it to then try and add it again so it keeps appearing on the first page. The image will be removed and the member banned at the discretion of Management.

It would be appreciated if you can take a few moments to comment on some of the other photos in this pool, as we all enjoy getting positive, constructive feedback on our work. A special code to add after your comments is provided on the front page. Thank you.


In accordance with Flickr Community Guidelines, inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

The tag "AvianExcellence" will be added automatically to photographs submitted to the EIAP pool, by the pool sweeper.


En Español

Reglas del Grupo – Excellence in Avian Photography (EIAP)


1. EIAP es por invitación solamente.

2. Por favor, coloque/levante solamente las fotos invitadas con el código de invitación de EIAP localizado en nuestra página central.

AVISO: Si usted fue invitado una ves, es solamente por esa foto específica, para añadir más fotos cada una necesita ser invitada individualmente con el código de invitación de EIAP. Imágenes que no contienen el código de invitación de EIAP serán removidas del grupo, sin excepciones!!!

3. Invite otras excelentes imágenes de otros fotógrafos de aves!

(No necesita ser miembro del grupo para invitar a otros fotógrafos, pero por favor, no invite su propia foto.)

4. Por favor, postea la imagen al grupo una vez solamente. Una vez haya posteado su imagen invitada, no la quite para volver a postearla en la primera página otra vez. La imagen sera quitada del grupo y el participante sera botado del grupo a discreción de la administración.

Sería muy amable si usted toma unos momentos para comentar las fotos que se encuentran en el grupo, ya que a todos nos gustan los comentarios positivos y críticas constuctivas en nuestro trabajo. Tenemos un código preparado en nuestra página principal para este uso. Gracias.

En conformidad con Flickr Community Guidelines, conducta inapropiada no será tolerada.

La etiqueta (tag) "AvianExcellence" sera añadida automaticamente a su foto por el pool sweeper (programa de limpieza).


En français

RÈGLES de GROUPE -- Excellence in Avian Photography (EIAP)


1. EIAP est un groupe d'invitation-seulement.

2. Veuillez soumettre seulement la photographie de l'oiseau invité contenant le code d'invitation EIAP qui est signalé en première page.

S.V.P. Note: Si vous étiez invité une fois c'est seulement pour cette photo spécifique, pour ajouter plus d'images toutes les photos individuelles ont besoin d'avoir le code-invité EIAP. Les images trouvées sans le code-invité dans la gallerie EIAP seront enlevées de la gallerie, pas d'exceptions!!! Les offenses répétées auront comme résultat d'autres actions administratives étant prises, sans avis.

3. Invitez d'autres excellentes images aviennes et photographes aviens

(Pas besoin d'être membre pour inviter la photo de quelqu'un d'autres mais, svp, aucune invitation de vos propres images.)

4. Veuillez NE PAS réafficher la même image. Une fois qu'une image invitée a été acceptée à la galerie ne pas la supprimer afin de la réajouter pour qu'ainsi elle continue d 'apparaître à la première page. L'image sera enlevée et le membre sera banni à la discrétion de la gestion.

Ce serait apprécié si vous pouvez prendre quelques moments pour commenter sur quelques autres photos dans la galerie, comme nous avons tous du plaisir à obtenir les commentaires positives et constructives sur notre travail. Un code spécial à ajouter à vos commentaires est fourni sur la première page. Merci.


Selon des directives de la Communauté de Flickr, le comportement inopportun ou impropre ne sera pas toléré.

L'étiquette "AvianExcellence" sera ajoutée automatiquement aux photographies soumises à la galerie d'EIAP par la balayeuse de la galerie.


Auf Deutsch

REGELN -- Excellence in Avian Photography (EIAP)


1. EIAP ist eine "nur-per-Einladung" Gruppe.

2. Bitte nur das eingeladene Foto mit der EIAP-Einladung posten.

WICHTIG: eine Einladung gilt nur für ein bestimmtes Foto. Jedes weitere Foto muss ebenfalls eine EIAP-Einladung, um gepostet zu werdeb. Fotos im Pool ohne Einladung werden ohne Ausnahme entfernt!!!

3. Lad andere tolle Vogel-Fotos und Fotographen ein!

(Du muss kein Mitglied um ein anderes Foto einzuladen aber bitte nicht die eigene Bilder einladen.)

Bitte nim etwas Zeit die anderen Bilder im Pool anzugucken und vielleicht ein paar Kommentare hinterlassen - jede(r) freut sich über konstruktives Feedback. Danke.


Verhalten entegen den Flickr Community Guidlines werden nicht geduldet.

Das Tag "AvianExcellence" wird vom Pool-Sweeper automatisch den Fotos im EIAP-Pool hinzugefügt

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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