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122 to 120 conversion?

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Flying Squid Studio says:

Hi there, newbie question here.

I have recently been gifted an a-3 autographic Kodak Jr. that was my great-grandfathers. On the back it says use autographic a-122 film, which is no longer in production.

Anyone have any tips or links to a conversion to 120 film?
1:36PM, 27 December 2010 PDT (permalink)

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nano_burger says:

Well, you don't have to convert to 120. Microfilm comes in 105mm rolls and can be slit down to 90mm (122 film size). You can even get 90mm developing reels as the size film is still used in nondestructive testing.

Maybe too much work! But useless work is my specialty!
70 months ago (permalink)

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Yannick Michel says:

Look at the conversion I made. Yes it is possible and the result is great.
65 months ago (permalink)

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