Ejk62 PRO 6:24am, 4 December 2013
I was wanting to know, how do you get other to look at your work.
iansand PRO 5 years ago
This is some advice that another member has given:

- use descriptive and accurage tags; some people also tag in different languages
- use titles and descriptions
- check your account settings and individual image settings to make sure they're not hidden from search
- join groups where your images will fit and add your photos to the group pools
- if you're looking for critique and advice, search groups for "critique"
- participate in group discussions
- add as contacts people whose work you like
- leave thoughtful comments on other people's images
- if you have a blog or website, provide links to your Flickr images
- be patient; it takes time to build a network
spelio PRO 3 years ago
Good advice Ian!
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