NevDev (Nev) PRO 7:37am, 27 June 2011
For all lovers of ferries, specifically Australian ferries. If you have a good
Ferry photograph taken in Australia, please join and post them.

You don't have to have photos of Australian Ferries to join. All welcome.

Historical photos are of particular interest. Because by their very nature
a lot of Ferries, either a passenger or vehicle ferry have disappeared from
service and are fading from our collective memory.
One aim of our group is to preserve photographically this unique aspect
of Australia's transport history.

We do need more photos from Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia
and Queensland. Photos of Sydney's ferries, whilst always welcome
are dominating the group pool so far.
If you have visited Australia, you may have some gems from your trip.

If you are an Aussie, how about photographing some local content ?

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