niveko50 2:19am, 30 March 2012
I have not yet been able to find out anything about a Mystery Australian (?) Potter Ginni Jones.

Is Ginni Jones = Virginia Jones?

I could not resist a porcelain tea-pot that I saw in a Vinnies store two weeks ago. I like the potting of the piece and the handle, the spout and the decoration of the nude female figure is cute.

That handle mounting reminds me of the teapots of Christopher Dresser for Linthorpe, the silver plated and copper/bronze ones with in the late nineteenth century.
Judith(1) 7 years ago
sevenshadesofblue PRO 7 years ago
wicked teapot, what a great find
Muuske1 7 years ago
Now, that's a teapot! It's great!
mistiana 7 years ago
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