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Judith(1) ADMIN March 26, 2014

Group Description

This is a place for people needing help to identify makers of Australian contemporary pottery, or just wanting to talk about their collections and finds.

Over the last fifty years, tens of thousands of Australians have worked as potters or ceramic artists. Some have become well-known nationally through solo and group exhibitions, with works represented in public and private collections. Others made high quality work that they sold through local galleries and outlets. Many people have worked with clay as a student or hobbyist without pursuing ceramics as a career.

It is easy to lose the memory of who made a piece, particularly when it changes hands. Sources that might help in the identification of a piece are many and varied. A useful summary of what is available written by Judith, the administrator of this group, can be found here.

Judith is building a database of Australian potters and their marks. At the heart of her database is a concordance of all the marks she has been able to find in nine years of research. If she doesn't reply to a query, or says she can't help, it is because she hasn't been able to find an answer in her records.

There is also a growing number of experts and specialist collectors in the group; and the image pool is a useful source of information in its own right. Identified marks have been arranged in albums in a separate Flickr account where they can be searched and browsed.

There is no silver bullet: some works are quickly identified, many remain mysteries. Sorting out the great and good pieces from the mediocre and bad is one of our challenges, as is guarding against mis-attribution by developing an understanding of individual styles. But you never know when something might come along that helps with an ID and enhances the knowledge base.

Current projects

Members of the group are creating asterisked topics on known potters with images of marks. These are being linked to from a new resource - Australian potters' marks - and the images are being added to a growing, browsable, image pool. All members are welcome to contribute!


This group started its life at in September, 2008. The move to flickr was made in November 2009 to take advantage of flickr's better image management and sharing capabilities. For a summary of the discussions started at ning, see the ning archive.

Group Rules

Here are the group rules:

1. Note the five links on the left hand side of the group home page.

2. Use the Introduce Yourself link if you want to let us know you have joined the group and what your interests are.

3. Be aware that other members may not see the comments you make on your own images. If you have a query, start a topic!

4. Read the guidelines for posting a query and for adding images to posts before starting your first topic.

5. Be courteous, keep on topic and respect other people's privacy.

6. Observe copyright conditions when quoting information or uploading images taken by someone else.

7. Use flickr mail to contact other members.

Additional Info

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