teneightcreative PRO 1:49pm, 17 September 2008
Hi, you guys probably already know this, but there is an Boston Terrier meet up once a month in Austin, normally at Norwood. The meet up for Sept. is this Saturday (9/20). Here is the link: bostonterrier.meetup.com/326/ It's super fun, Winston LOVES it.

Anyway, I'd be interested in doing an "Austin Bostons" meet up if anyone else is interested. I'm far west, but anywhere works for me.
teneightcreative PRO 10 years ago
Hi all,

The next Boston Terrier meetup is Oct 18th, 3 pm (bostonterrier.meetup.com/326/)

We're interested in having a meet up for Austin Bostons too, if anyone else is :-)
teneightcreative PRO 10 years ago
I give up! All these poor dogs must hate being stuck inside all day! ;-)
teneightcreative PRO 10 years ago
P.S. Looking over this topic I notice I am talking to myself.....
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