WayOutTexas 2:44am, 19 July 2007
Hello. I'm Teresa and the little flatface dog in the pic is AmyJo. AmyJo is a 3 1/2 month registered Boston Terrier. I'm CRAZY about her. We live in Falfurrias, Tx. It's nowhere near Austin. About 150 miles South of San Antonio. AmyJo loves to play with the kids, play tug-of-war, chew, snort and fart. OMG, can she fart. She can clear the room and she will still look at you with an innocent expression. We love her anyway. Im' obsessed with taking pics of AmyJo so, if your interested check out our pics, their public. We don't know anyone else with a Boston. So, we would love to share pics and even a crazy or funny story about you and your Boston.

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