JolietDeltaTango-0505 7:02am, 11 January 2007
Introduce yourself and your dog(s)...

I'm Denny and this is Henrietta...

Henrietta is alive!
jenaleigh 11 years ago
Hola, I'm Jena, and this is Kenneday, a.k.a. the dizz

Kennedy cruising in the MINI
JolietDeltaTango-0505 11 years ago
She's got an old man face... :)
Ashley Wallingford 11 years ago
Hello, I'm Ashley and this is Clementine.

She likes to eat trash and dirty clothes.
Inknstein 11 years ago
Just like a Boston and the laundry...
jenaleigh 11 years ago
yeah, last thing mine got a hold of were my $150 jeans. that was not a good day.
Choose_Freewill PRO 11 years ago
Hey there, I am David, and this is Dixie....

JolietDeltaTango-0505 11 years ago
Damn! Dixie is cute as heck!
amboo who? Posted 11 years ago. Edited by amboo who? (member) 11 years ago
My name is Amber, and this is June:
Wonder June

June isn't really my dog. She's kind of like a step dog. I take care of her when her Mom needs me to, and June goes with us when we go for hikes. Here's June and her best friend, my lab, Latte:
Tuckered Out
WayOutTexas 11 years ago
Hello, I'm Teresa and this is AmyJo. AmyJo is 3 1/2 months, and Crazy!!
WayOutTexas 11 years ago
One Up One Down
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