Mad Illusionist 4:28pm, 8 October 2013
AUSTPS presents weekly photo competition for the members of AUST Photography Society. This will be a weekly competition. Each week with a different theme. Details of the competition is given below-

theme : Shadow

submission process : Upload your photo on flickr. Go to the share button. Grab the HTML code. And finally post it on this thread.
Note : A person can post maximum of two photos. The photos must be numbered 1 and 2 on the post.

last date : the last date of submission is friday, 11 October , Before 11.59PM

The photos will be judged by Kazi Sudipto and the winner will be announced through the official fan page of AUSTPS
kazimushfiq 5 years ago
01. Title : " Morning rush "

Morning rush..
01. Ahh! that sun is shining terribly

Ahh! that sun is shining terribly
02. untitled

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