nancy0725 9:03am, 19 August 2010
Planning a long car trip when your vacation is near? Traveling with your family? Ever been on a long trip with nothing to do except stare outside the window? Or you can do other than ask "Are we there yet?" every five minutes.

We scour the internet and collect top five things to do on a long car ride. They are organized by age group, here's a part of your travel planning that you can't leave without, so have a look around – It is necessary for you and your family to plan things to do on a long road trip.

1. Play Games
Bring the puzzles you find in the Newspapers, such as the Sudoku puzzle or crossword puzzles. You can also print these off the web. Or play Alphabet game, I Spy, 20 Questions, etc. Even bring a deck of cards. You can play the cards with your sisters or brothers on a long car trip. Uno is always a good choice for the family.

2. Read Novels or Magazines
Grab a few books or magazines to read and swap magazines with your family, so you’re entertained for a short while. If you subscribe to magazines, try not to read them until you go on the trip. That way they will still be interesting when you leave.

3. Portable Entertainment
Portable Entertainment devices are certainly effective in helping pass the time. The most popular portable player is iPod, which can offer you in many funny ways to kill the long time especially by watch movies. The best DVD movies 2010 are Star War, Harry Potter Series, Avatar, etc.

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4. Listen to the Music and Sing Loudly
Before you head out for a long road trip, make sure that be heavily armed with music .You can organize the playlists on the iPod and fill the middle console of the car with CDs. Try to dig out the soundtracks to your favorite movies and musicals. In a word, preparing for every possible musical mood you may encounter on the drive with a selection that covers classic rock and 80’s bubble gum pop.

If feel tired, you turn the volume on the radio up as loud as you can stand, then amuse the heck out of yourself for a good 45 minutes at a time with some spirited car karaoke. Or sing or hum a song and see how quickly other players can guess what song it is.

5. To take pictures
Take picture is one of the best things to do on a long car ride. Take pictures and then upload to your Facebook or MySpace by the mobile phone, share happiness with your friends at any time.

There are some small tips for you when you will be going to a long drive vacation. Get the oil changed and your fluids checked before you leave; bring sunglasses, sunscreen, road map and your own food drinks; plan time for unexpected stops to take pictures in front of those really cool bluffs and so on.

Just enjoy your wonderful car trip with your family at ease, have a good time!
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