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New photos should be solved as they come in. Still working on solving all the existing photos that were missed. Thanks for your patience!


  • im so impressed

    thank you im so impressed with this group nathan mcgimpsey

    mcgimpsey20113 days ago25 replies

  • Not user friendly

    The new versions of Flickr and the Astrometry group are a nightmare. I have tri...

    GeorgeFC476 days ago11 replies

  • Field Size Display

    I really enjoy the fine images in this group and the hard work of the administra...

    Radical Retinoscopy7 days ago2 replies

  • Why post photos that you know what they are?

    I thought this was to post a photo and then tell us whats in there. Why post pho...

    pinkflyd342 weeks ago1 replies

  • How do I sumbit and image and how long will it take to solve submitted images?

    1. How do I submit an image? I uploaded it to my flickr. I then joined this gr...

    johnschnupp4 weeks ago3 replies

  • Missing Messier numbers

    Hi, I just had my image solved and for some reason the Messier number don't show...

    Eelko Gielis4 weeks ago2 replies

  • Images from this morning

    Posted images this am One was the moon plus 4 others 2 you identified 2 no answe...

    longgeezer2 months ago0 replies

  • Your forum linked on Group With Experience

    . . I'm one of the Admins for the Group With Experience forum, and your forum ...

    Offcenter Horizon3 months ago0 replies

  • Wide angle solving

    When I started submitting to the group over a year ago, none of my wide angle sh...

    -_Scott Mason Photography-5 months ago0 replies

  • is this orion nebula

    I was pointed into the constellation off to the right and below the belt. No te...

    Spookwoman5 months ago1 replies

  • Enquiry on sky photo

    May I know this is still under resolving, or not ? If not, why the markers on...

    Matthew Chin Album - Hong Kong6 months ago0 replies

  • Need advice

    Having some problems with stacking with Deep Sky Stacker. I cant figure out why ...

    vincenzzo7 months ago0 replies

  • Am I missing something?

    I thought this site was for images where the person posting the image did precis...

    michaelmorris7 months ago10 replies

  • Stars pictures

    Hello, i just join this group and i post few sky pictures!!! Rob.

    obersonrobert7 months ago2 replies

  • Incorrect solve

    Hi guys, Am new to the group and posted an image yesterday. It was an image b...

    legoman_iac7 months ago1 replies

  • No solve yet

    Hi, i would like you to solve my pictures. I have to do anything? or just wait ...

    marctibu7 months ago1 replies

  • no comment from astrometry

    hi i have uploaded 2 photos of milky way and they are not examined at all what h...

    george-photoworld.blogspot.com8 months ago10 replies

  • Couldn't Solve?

    I have had some photos that were solved just fine, but others that seem to stump...

    iverp10 months ago12 replies

  • ortopedia 123


    jero esquerdo10 months ago1 replies

  • Unable to solve

    Hi I am new to this group I have posted two images to astrometry group for so...

    dulhas200112 months ago0 replies

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