F Rim (Ephraim) [deleted] 12:25am, 23 December 2007
I found out today that a some of th tags that I have been shooting around town are not just random tags but the work of some serious local artists. The ones I was told about are the cheese, the bomb, the crabs, and the robot. I also a have a face, a skull, a silver suit and a few more.

Anyone know anything?

the Crabs
Tags Asbury
The Robot

The Cheese
Cheese About Town 3
The Bomb
Sister72 9 years ago
Good idea! *starting the search*
F Rim (Ephraim) [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by F Rim (Ephraim) (member) 9 years ago
The Cheese, Skull, Bomb and Crabs are on the building on Kingsley and 4th (maybe 3rd). The Robot is on the front of the Baronet.

The silver suit was on Kingsley also on Cookman but now gone.

The pig is on a rock on the beach and the ground by the casino.

And there are these


New Tag with Cheese

Tags Asbury

Tags Asbury

I was told there is a face way high up on the Press building but I cannot find it.
Sister72 9 years ago
"Asbury Park - Forgetting the Past One Condo At a Time!" by Sister72 [?]
Asbury Park - Forgetting the Past One Condo At a Time!
F Rim (Ephraim) [deleted] 9 years ago
Don't think I ever saw that one.
Do you have more of that wall?

Looks like the same artist as
Will Newman 9 years ago
the one that sister posted was on the casino facing the beach. its gone now
Sister72 8 years ago
"Casino Grafitti" by sis [?]
Casino Grafitti

I met the guy who painted the clowns on the back of the Casino and the famous one eyed smiley face!

He used to go by the name SIN which in Spanish means without, because he is not in a group or a gang but has recently started using SINO which in Spanish is Yes/No. ;-) Great guy had his stuff down at the Art Fest on Cookman Avenue and has been doing this for 36 years!
Lindsey Bahr [deleted] 8 years ago
F Rim (Ephraim) [deleted] 8 years ago
Pig Rock

Pig tag
Pig Tag
Senor Pizza Meal PRO 7 years ago
Senor Pizza Meal PRO 7 years ago
Images By Madeline PRO 7 years ago
Those last two were oldies I'm sure. I think that used to be on the building that was demolished in 2006. I wonder if that guy is still around? I don't see the clowns anymore, anywhere. I always liked them too.
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