Winn_Terr [deleted] 1:35pm, 1 May 2012
Hey everyone

I am new on Flickr and i have a question.
A couple of weeks ago i bought a Pentax Spotmatic with Takumar 55mm f1.8.
Because it is too expensive for every time my photos to print, I want to buy a negative scanner.
Well, I would have a scanner that has the same quality as my printed photos or just a scanner that shows many details.
Does anyone have experience with negative scanners?

David 43tgv Posted 4 years ago. Edited by David 43tgv (member) 4 years ago
The best option is a dedicated film scanner, but even secondhand these have become expensive. I had a cheaper Canonscan 4000 until about a year ago which was painfully slow and the quality was not great hence its departure via e-Bay.
I have a friend with an Epson V500 Flatbed Scanner which seems to deliver pretty good results, but again a pricey option.
The Plustek Scanners seem ok and are probably the cheapest option if you go down the dedicated scanner route.
I must say that with the scanners I have used i have always found it easier to obtain good results with transparencies rather than negatives.
Nowadays I use film on a budget opting for negatives and a CD only which gives results good enough for posting on Flickr.
I hope this helps.
Winn_Terr [deleted] 4 years ago
Thanks for your answer.
What do you mean with the last sentence?
I just need a scanner to post my spotmatic photo's on Flickr, so i don't know what scanner is there the best option for.
I want to spend maximum €100.
ryan.acree 4 years ago
I have a Epson V500 Photo and was what I was looking for to do both 35mm and 120 film. It is a flat bed that actually yields pretty decent results. All the 120 and 35mm sets in my profile were scanned with it. I save a bit of money and purchased mine through Epson directly as a B-Stock/refurbished item - it still came with a full warranty and has been rather reliable.
Blia100 PRO 4 years ago
Get a Nikon Coolscan 5000, it'll give you results that no flatbed can touch for 35mm..
David 43tgv 4 years ago

What I meant by the last sentence was that given the relatively low resolution of the scans from places like Tesco to discs you wont be able to make 18x12 prints, but for viewing on the average PC Monitor/ Laptop screen , the quality will be ok. If thats all you want to do , spending lots on resolution you wont be needing would not make much sense.

Good luck with your Spotmatic, its a lovely camera.
Winn_Terr [deleted] 4 years ago
Hmm, the Epson V500 and the Nikon Coolscan 5000 are too expensive..
Other people that have experience with lower budget scanners?
Blia100 PRO 4 years ago
Last possibility is a Wolverine 35mm scanner... or something there of. usually they are not quite up to $100 but can reach there.

They are a dedicated film scanner that uses a CMOS sensor. A little different than a flatbed or traditional dedicated, but will provide excellent results. They turn your 35mm slides and negatives into a 6MP image that you can use.

I have never used one, but have seen results from them. They do a good job, regardless..
mountain dawg 4 years ago
The Epson V500 is retailing for $159 new on amazon. I don't know if you're going to find anything much cheaper than that. Maybe used.
Phil.R.Evans 1963. PRO 4 years ago
Get a NIKON COOLSCAN V ED.....they are superb and a lot cheaper than the 5000. All my film work on Flickr was scanned using one of these truly amazing scanners !!!
Brian A Catnut Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Brian A Catnut (member) 4 years ago
Yes, I can't find a Euro price but the Epson V500 on Amazon for, £130
much more useful than a dedicated 35mm film scanner

the dedicated scanners for under 100 euros are complete rubbish,
DO NOT buy one

save up another 40 Euros and get the Epson V500,
you can do great 35mm and 120 film scans as well as copping prints
and all sorts of other fun stuff
Winn_Terr [deleted] 4 years ago

I bought a very cheap (€20) scanner and its good enough for uploading photo's on Flickr!
+Earl+ 4 years ago
i have epsom v500, check out the film pictures on my stream. Its good results, and can do 120 film and slides if you want to get more into film photography. Its quite reasonable if you shoot a few rolls. i paid £179, but seen it for £139 recently.
chirgy PRO 4 years ago
It all depends on what you want to do really. If you want to make prints (rather than just display stuff on computer screens at 72ppi) you'll quickly pay off the money you spend on a V500 (the scanner I have, too) - and all those however-much-money-for-a-cd-from-the-labs soon add up (and aren't very high-res either).
Michael Relguag [deleted] 4 years ago
Have a look in my stream - all film is scanned with an Reflecta CrystalScan 7200 - which can be found 2nd hand for less then 100,-€
CyberViewX isn´t the best software to go with - but it works and I´m satisfied with it.
SilverHalideSalts [deleted] 4 years ago
Plustek 7600 with VueScan Pro works for me, though it seems that Plustek has a newer model(s) that has replaced it.
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