chrstphre PRO 10:20pm, 8 December 2007
All throughout my childhood, my teachers told my parents that i was merely shy and stupid...
Then after a year and a half in The Navy, they discharged me with a diagnoses of Schizoid Personality Disorder. At this time; 1976, Asperger's was still pretty much unknown in North America.
Even years later, after about 7 years as a street person, When i got on SSI, in about 1986, i was still diagnosed as SP.
But after reading about these two Personality Disorders; i've found that they are nearly identical.
The Litmus Test seems to be that Asperger's want to be around people, but can't, while Schizoid P's just don't like being around people.
i like being around people, just so long as i don't have to interact with them, but i also Never feel lonely.
So along with all the other subtle differences, i waffle constantly as to which i really am.
snerdinski 11 years ago
There you are - so you did know that I'm an Aspie! Me, I got the "Weird" label that still seems branded on my forehead at times. It bothers me now a lot less than it did as a kid, of course. Some people can deal, some can't. I am very concerned about my son, though, who also has Asperger's.
whitbywoof PRO 11 years ago
Your son should fair better now that AS is a recognised condition. I had no idea that I was on the spectrum (or even what the spectrum is) until just over a year ago. I was diagnosed last February, age 42!
Cynthia M. Parkhill 9 years ago
Same here; to the kids at school I was "weird' and my stepmother labled me "retarded." I graduated high school in 1986, and the autism spectrum diagnostic traits were not established until the mid-90s.

Finally, in mid-2007 a friend of the family who had read the DSM IV told my husband that she believed I had Asperger syndrome.

I self-diagnosed after reading extensively and in February 2009 I participated in a volunteer study at the U.C. Davis M.I.N.D. Institute, where the researcher-psychologist validated my self-diagnosis with her administered-test results.
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