snerdinski 8:58pm, 24 October 2007
It could be that ecause I feel a kinship doesn't mean that others do towards me. Other Aspies may feel just as disconnected regarding me as to those with more standard wiring..
whitbywoof PRO 11 years ago
I feel very disconnected too. Part of the reason for starting for this group was to find other Aspies. Whether we manage to make friends or not is almost irrelevent, but at least sharing our pictures is a starting point.

Welcome Snerd.
snerdinski 11 years ago
Thanks. All in all I've got it pretty easy. Feeling kind of whiny yesterday.
lean cellar [deleted] 11 years ago
Hello. This is the first time I meet other Aspies, and I even don't know if I am, but what you say sounds very familiar to me. I'm isolated too, and also often find that people don't understand me, and however amazed I'm, such are the facts. I avoid showing too much of myself, because others might think I'm mad. And it happens too. Has anybody ever thought that you don't fit the criteria for Aspergers completely, and to a degree this is all something individual? I'm just curious, since I've never been diagnosed, but I feel Aspie a lot.
whitbywoof PRO 11 years ago
I don't think anyone completely fits tjhe Aspie profile. The important thing is how badly it affects your daily living, and how well you cope with its challenges.

Try this:
lean cellar [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by lean cellar (member) 11 years ago
Thanks for the link, Whitbywoof!
My result is here:
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