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If you want an invite to our group ,
please post here in Medium Size

One photo per day only

They are very welcome portraits of people done with art.

Remember :

*Be high quality artistic portraits: good resolution, colour, or black and white, sepia , texture are wellcome , your art within portraits , show us !

*No casual portraits of family or friends without any art or pictures of paintings.

*No photos of animals, pets , only people ! *Photos of childrens only after following a careful analysis made by administrators.

*Nude pictures also will undergo analysis by administrators.

*Portraits of fantasy or SL only if based on a real picture.

Atention :

*Will not be accepted any kind of pornography, so no porn or anything else that violates the Flickr Community Guidelines
*This is a safe group .

As soon you post in pool - comment on 2 that you like , please , using our code .
We know that you'd like other members do the same with your photos, so do your part!
Well come and thank you so much !!!

If you post here more than one photo per day , you will receive invitation only on one photo ! The others photos will be deleted .
See the rules before of post ..thanks !

(09/05/11 = 347 m.)
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Well come on Art within portraits!
Wonderful portrait of art !

Art Within Portraits
Please .. tag Artwithinportraits
If you have 5 Awards post here
Special Adm. Award

Remember : When you want an invitation, you can always ask for one on this thread . Thank you !
Need invite !!!! Would you like an invite to our group? Post here !


Post one , comment on two photos using the award code , now Sweeper is running , thanks !


How you can post In medium size :
On the top left corner of your photo, you will see the "share this link" box. Click on the *share this* link to see the drop down menu. Click on *Grab the HTML/BBCode* link to see the photo link codes. "Copy" the medium size and "paste" it in the dialogue box and wait your invite .

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