Thanks for inviting us to post one of our pict. We added it to the group but we couldn'find teh code for awarding our pictrs. Any adive?
Laura & adalberto
The codes in english are on front page of the group. If you looking of translated version of the code in your language. Please do let me know. I will add them
Kia & Zeno 8 years ago
We cannot see the English award code on the front page of the groups... thanks for your help.
ninayak- Busy next few weeks Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ninayak- Busy next few weeks (admin) 8 years ago
Comment code on Front Page is Award Code. Its on Front Page.

However, for your convenience i will post the codes here


<b>Fabulous shot! </b>

<i>You are invited to display this beautiful picture in the group</i>
<a href=""> <img
height="100" alt="Artists Spotlight"/></a>
<a href= "">Artist
<b>Post one, comment on three</b>
Comment/Award Code


<b>Stunning shot!</b>

<i>seen in</i>
<a href="">
<img src=""
width="150" height="120" alt="Artists Spotlight"/> </a >

<b> <u> Artist Spotlight </u> < /b >
Kia & Zeno 8 years ago
Thank you so much for your help! Have a happy day. :)
I couldn't find it on the front page either but here :) thanks!
Great group !!!!!!!
Gerhard R. PRO 7 years ago
Comment code is not visible on the german version of the front-page.
bridgy2008 7 years ago
..but you find them in this thread ! ..copy it.
Mat texturonline 6 years ago
The code is only visible to comment on the English language version.
Those who use other languages ​​do not see it.
I use the default version in Spanish and I can not find it.
Switch to the English version and is visible only in English front page.
Philippe Hernot 6 years ago
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