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Group Description

Welcome to the Guild Hall...

--Please read the guidelines that follow below--

To invite someone to join and post their image, please copy the lines below:

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<a href="">
<img src="" width="48" height="48" alt="Artisans Guild of HDR Syndicalists" />Artisans Guild</a>
You are invited to become an Artisans Guild member and display this image at
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When viewing images in the pool that you like, it would also be nice if you could add this code to show where you saw it:

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<img src="" width="48" height="48" alt="Artisans Guild of HDR Syndicalists" />Artisans Guild</a>
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Invitation only group for serious HDR and Tonemap Craftsmen and women. Drama queens, cynical snobs, university academicians, and anyone whose hands reek of developer or pretentious photographic neo-classicism need not apply. If you don't like HDR, bugger off and tell it to your college professor. We're not interested.

Guild members are here to push the boundaries of HDR and each other. Submissions not deemed suitable by the Guild will be removed, although we will make every effort to give you warning, and try to explain why your photo is being removed.

"What is deemed suitable?"

Generally: good composition, color, tone, sharpness (unless blur or soft focus serves the image) and, yes, that indefinable flickr quality called "interestingness". Breaking, bending, and pushing the rules is fine, as long as it serves the image you've created.

Specifically, in terms of HDR, we would like to keep "acid-wash", halos, and grainy black clouds to a minimum. The image can be radical and surreal, or it can be subtle in the extreme.

"What software can we use?"

Anything that processes multiple images into an HDR image (yes, yes, technically it's only an approximation of a "true" HDR image...spare us, please)...Photomatix, Artizen, PhotoShop CS2, HDRShop...and whatever else is out there that we don't even know about yet.

"Do you accept single RAW or JPG?"

Multiple exposures (which defines "true" HDR) are preferred, but not an ironclad rule. If you can get good results from a single RAW or JPG, then by all means go ahead and submit it. Like it or not, the term "HDR" is acquiring a secondary meaning for images which have that "HDR" look. Tech geeks, we know that isn't right, and we feel your anal-retentive pain, but deal with it...the vernacular, just like the boundary of photography, is changing.

"How many photos can we post?

Initially, members should post a maximum of two photos per day until the pool builds, thereafter we may change to 1 per day. You want your work to have a chance to be viewed, don't you?

"What about comments?"

Comments, and constructive criticism, are welcome and encouraged. If you are here to make jaded and world-weary witticisms at other people's expense you're in the wrong place. As hard-ass as we might come off sounding to some people, we're here to learn from, support, and help each other.

"What the f--k is an 'HDR Syndicalist' "?

The antithesis of bourgeois, academic, commercial, pretentious photographic classicism. Then again, we might just be pulling your leg.

Jump on in...we won't bite.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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