jayinboyd 8:33pm, 27 May 2014
My first art kit to release to the world! It's contents are:

A tiny altoids tin of tiny colored pencils
A tiny watercolor pallet with tiny brush
#2 pencil
magnet card for cutting and mounting your art (if you want)
an example "inchie" magnet
ATC sized paper (see or
pencil sharpener
lid to hold water

You can see a picture of the kit using ID artifinds.jay0002. Or click:

I can't wait to see what comes of it!!
jayinboyd 4 years ago
I released this to some ladies from the Starbux in The Dalles, OR. They were very excited to join in the fun... Hopefully, we'll see some of their artwork soon and they'll invite others to come play!
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