jayinboyd 7:00pm, 27 May 2014
Dear Artifinder,

Congratulations on finding an art kit out in the wild! Your keen eye has set you outside of the normal crowd and we're sure you've got a creative bone or two in your body... :)

Once you've found the kit, just make some art! Find some paper, if the kit didn't include any (even a napkin will do the trick), and start doodling, drawing, painting, make some art with the contents of the kit.

After your masterpiece (or not-so-masterpiece) is finished, just take a picture of it and upload it to the group. Be sure to add a tag with the kit's unique ID to your image so it gets put into the right place! In the description, please add some sort of location (we don't need to know exactly, but we'd like to watch as the kit travels around the world), and maybe a little about what you were thinking/doing or a story about how you found it! Just add some fun details; it'll add to the group and we'll all be a little happier for it.

Now, you have a choice. Don't you love choices?
You can either keep making art with that art kit or you can re-release it into the wild. Since you're a part of the group, you'll be able to see what others are doing with that art kit as it travels around...

If the art kit looks a little used up, we'd ask that you add a little to the kit for it's next stop in the journey. Just head out to the discussions section, search for the unique ID, report in what was all used up and what you replaced it with. That's it!

Thanks for being an Artifinder and thanks for having fun with us!
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