jayinboyd 3:14am, 27 May 2014
First, you need to create your art kit. It can be made up of anything, but at a minimum, it should be a pencil, eraser, and some paper.

Next, go out to flickr and ensure your unique ID is available as a tag. To do this, simply enter your intended ID into the search box. If it returns no images, then your ID is perfect!

I recommend this format:
artifinds.initialsNNNN, where N=a number.
As an example, I use aritfinds.jay0001, artifinds.jay0002, artifinds.jay0003, etc.

Thirdly, start a discussion in the Artifinds group. The name of the discussion should be your Art Kit's Unique ID, then simply describe what's in the kit. An example of this is here:

Following this, you need to create a way to help your Artifinder know what to do with the kit. Print up labels or a small paper that will give instructions with the kit, to remain with the kit as it makes it's travels. The label could read something like this (Or you can make up some little note of your own wording):

Dearest Art Creator,
Thanks for claiming this art kit! The purpose of this kit is to enrich your life and the lives of others, bringing us all together at To use this, simply make some art with the contents, then take a picture of it and head out to the site so you can join, upload and share with everyone!
To keep all the art ever created with this kit together, please assign all the art you make a tag with this unique number:
*insert your unique ID number, like artifinds.jay0001*
Looking forward to see what you create!
*your preferred signature*

Last, attach the label and then simply leave your art kit someplace it'll be found; like a coffee shop, a hospital, or a library. You might also want to take a picture of your release and post to your social networking sites! Make it a game with your friends to see who can find it first and post the first piece of art from the kit!
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