seitznz 9:30pm, 7 January 2009
Hi everyone, as the person who set up this group last year, I put a limit of 30 pics per week on it. This is to encourage people to only add their best pictures rather than every single thing they shot.

However, I think over the course of Art Deco Weekend we will make more than 10 good pics per day and of course we want to share them.

Should we go to 20, 30 or more per day? Or should we get rid of limit all together, but keep in the rules that people only upload best shots? What do you think?

Joyce (yes same as catspyjamasnz just different account...)
Spooky21 PRO 10 years ago
Since the subject shooting period [for me] is a weekend, I would like to see the limits go. I will ever only upload pix that I am happy with [and believe me I have plenty of rubbish to discard]. At the end of the day, the administrator has the ability to delete photos that he/she doesn't think achieve the quality desired, or the subject doesn't really fit the 'art deco' theme.
It can be a bit off putting if you have to upload your photos over several weeks, and the risk is that some simply don't get loaded because you either forget or move on to a new project.
catspyjamasnz 9 years ago
Good point, Spooky21. Will get rid of limits. Help me chase down other pics on Flickr and alert people to the group?

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