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We in no way encourage people to climb on art that is not created with that purpose in mind, however...The Art Climbers Admins would like to make a request: PLEASE BE CAREFUL if you are climbing on Art. The ground can hurt when landed on! And don't forget to be respectful of the piece of want to make sure it is still around for the climbers that come behind you!


  • 16,000 Photos

    WOW! I can't believe we have 16,000+ photos in our group! Way to go Art Climb...

    gaymay5 months ago0 replies

  • Thanks for the invite

    Thank you for inviting me to the group

    Brat prince6 months ago3 replies

  • I can’t see my photos

    Hi I can’t see my photos that I posted ? Anyone has any idea? Thank you

    loubna.kalaaji17 months ago4 replies

  • Post photos

    I’m very new to this. Can someone teach me how to post photos on the group :)

    loubna.kalaaji17 months ago4 replies

  • Thank you for the invitation

    Thank you for the invitation. I joined the group. I’m new to this so I don’t...

    loubna.kalaaji17 months ago1 replies

  • my photos ?

    I've posted 6 photos 3 days ago! I do not see them .. where are they?

    Cuong Le Chi32 months ago3 replies

  • Thanks for the Invite

    Thanks for the invitation. I can barely climb steps, let alone art, but I'll ce...

    Graegaud32 months ago1 replies

  • Thanks for the invitation

    If I'm honest, I try to keep people out of my photos unless I'm specifically ta...

    Kimhaz - Here and There48 months ago1 replies

  • Thank you for your invitation

    Thank you for your invitation

    真愛婚禮/遇見幸福婚禮紀錄/黃嘉明/48 months ago3 replies

  • thank you for the invitation

    This statue is in Lucille Ball's hometown. The sculptor, Dave Poulin, has apolo...

    pghflwr200052 months ago3 replies

  • thanks for invite me

    I´ve just added the photo you suggested. I will look for all in my galerie to s...

    Cláudio Amaral53 months ago1 replies

  • Hello There..

    Hi.. thanks for invite me to the group. I´m from chile.. so doesn´t get angry...

    diego.aranguiz56 months ago1 replies

  • Thanks for the invite

    Thank you for the invitation, but I am Taiwanese people, so my language is not g...

    チェン ペンギン57 months ago1 replies

  • Hi!

    Thanks for the invitation to join! What a neat photo group :)

    klar_rocks58 months ago1 replies

  • Thanks for adding me to the group!

    I'm glad more people than just the ones I know do this.

    nikorobledo1559 months ago1 replies

  • Search possibilities

    Is there any way to find which photos I have already posted? I am afraid to post...

    Tiigra65 months ago2 replies

  • Thnks!

    Nice to meet you ;) I will thinks of your group the next time I will take a sta...

    Teratoiid70 months ago1 replies

  • Thank you!

    Dear James, I was delighted to receive your request. As I have a sight problem ...

    Colin B Bennett71 months ago1 replies

  • Thank You for the Invitation!

    I join you gladly! :-)

    Szabados József Attila71 months ago1 replies

  • Thank you for the invitation ~

    Thanks for the invitation and for having such a creative group. I look forward t...

    Disnilandi72 months ago3 replies

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