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Put a selection into an image and make any part of it transparent in just a few moves.

This Tutorial is Here
ClaraDon PRO 6 years ago

This Tutorial was written in response to many questions I received about how the font got all the colors in this Image

This Tutorial can be done with all versions of Photoshop and PS Elements

Photo Manipulation
ClaraDon PRO 6 years ago
Extending the Boundaries Frames

Here is another exciting effect from Alice, (TabaMajic) who just a few years ago gave us the Extend the Boundaries Effect. I asked for her permission to do this. She thinks of this as an extension of her ETB effect, and she calls it Extend the Boundaries Frame.
This Tutorial will hopefully get you started with this effect, but take a look at what Alice has done with it

Tutorial can be found HERE

Look at the samples on TabaMajic's photostream Here
ClaraDon PRO 5 years ago
Tutorial – How to Use the Clipping Mask in Photoshop

Clipping Mask Tutorial

The Clipping Mask is a simple tool to use in Photoshop. It remains largely unused because so many folks just don’t understand how to use it.

Basically it works with just two layers. In the Tutorial here I’m using a Flag in the upper layer and a USA Font in the lower layer. Once it is all adjusted to fit you simply click on “Create Clipping Mask” in the Layers Palette and Photoshop clips the flag inside the Font and puts it all on a Transparent background for you. I put some samples in here so you can see some of the other things you can do with this tool.

The Photoshop Tutorial for this is HERE

All the Tutorials are Here

See more Here
dayloween 4 years ago
Thanks for that tutorial url, it was really good and helps me a lot to learn. I have recently saw this video on youtube and feels that it was also a good source of learn for me.
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