asiansupper 7:19pm, 22 September 2010
Noob here. I can't seem to shoot white food, like ice cream, or rice. It ends up looking extreme - blown out or very dark. Is this a white balance thing?
Paul Cowan 8 years ago
No, it's purely an exposure thing. WB affects the colour, not the brightness.
Spot focus on the white food, get an exposure reading and then over-expose by about 1.5 to 2 stops and your white should come out OK and still with some detail in it.
john raffaghello 8 years ago
You can also set your exposure compensation to +1 or2, it tells your camera where middle grey is, instead of it thinking something completely white is grey.
AtlantaTerry 8 years ago
Even all white subjects need shadows to define them. Otherwise all you would have to show is a pure white image with the title, "Vanilla Ice Cream Sitting in the Snow". LOL!!

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