hi i'm new!

LoveMeKnotCreations 2:14am, 23 January 2008
Hi everyone,
I'm new to flickr so bare with me :)
I'm very into aromatherapy (which is what made me launch a small business and I make wheat bags).

Do you have a certain business that you go to to buy your oils? Favorite scent?
Nice to meet you all!
Eggybird PRO 11 years ago
Hi Lindsey,

Thanx lots for joining my group! Im not on here alot as I have so many webpages & emails to catch up on, and im still at college (4th year part time), currently doing reflexology and have lots of essays and case historys to do!

Im also a carer for my mum and uncle whom I visit regularly they are both in care (my mum has had dementia for 8 years and she has no other close family).

I am not working due to a history of ill health myself...long story and stuck in the benefit trap where I seem to be better off...catch 22, but I am looking for voluntary work as a holistic therapist as I am now qualified in several.

I would love to buy a wheat bag from you they sound interesting! But I have never bought stuff over the internet. I usually get my oils from local shops in Glasgow, such as Neals Yard or Woodlands Herbs where I also see a herbalist who makes up a tincture for me every month!

Thanks again, and meantime, good luck!

LoveMeKnotCreations 11 years ago
thanks Issy:)
(Etsy is secure & safe they go thru paypal, by the way)

where do you go to school?? Sounds interesting and sounds like you are one BUSY person :)
Eggybird PRO 11 years ago
Hi Lindsey, thanx for making me a contact! Iv'e been going to Cardonald college since 2003, started off with ECDL computing modules, then went on to do holistic therapies...most of my certificates have been posted in my Aromatherapy set and in this group!! :-)
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