Kachina Herbs aromatherapy in florida 8:21pm, 18 September 2007
I'm really excited about this...Nova Southeastern University, a huge university in my area has invited me to give a two hour talk on aromatherapy next week at their library.
I feel this could be a great opportunity to introduce aromatherapy to nursing and med students here as this is what the university is mainly known for.
Anyone here lecture at big schools to promote the benefits of aromatherapy? I've lectured before but not for quite so long in one shot.
Ebonyeyed 11 years ago
I haven't lectured on aromatherapy, but I'm sure you'll be absolutely fabulous. Opportunities such as these only appear to people that can carry out the task. Just be yourself and talk about everything that you like in aromatherapy. Oh - and please let them know the importance of research and how much we welcome people from the medical community to help us with it!
profuse governor [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by profuse governor (member) 11 years ago
What a fabulous opportunity! You may consider contacting those departments at the school to ensure they know of your lecture and possibly to find out what they'd be interested in knowing about aromatherapy! (Florida State Nursing School grad myself!) I'm sure you'll do well!
Wow...I can't believe I didn't think of that...It's such a great opportunity, I'm so wrapped up in the perfect performance so I don't let down the industry, you know?
I'm making note cards with references to clinical studies showing the validity of aromatherapy for physical and mental health. Most of my research comes from Europe.
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