Ebonyeyed 11:25am, 10 September 2007
Hi Everyone!

I've recently bought the "Live right 4 your type" book by Dr Peter D'Adamo and found it interesting. My own holistic therapist swears by it. For those who haven't read or heard of it, it basically claims that particular blood types lack the enzymes to metabolise particular foods and that if we only eat the beneficial or neutral foods for our blood type, we lose weight and boost our immune system and general well-being.

If you go through his list, you'll find it pretty comprehensive, including even the kinds of herbs and oils you should (not) be having. So, while reading this book, a thought popped up: Would that mean than we'd best be taking blood type into consideration when choosing carriers and essential oils for us and our clients? If everything's labelled as 'to be avoided', 'beneficial' and 'neutral' when we ingest it, wouldn't they be considered the same for skin absorption and inhalation?

Has any one of you heard of any such research?


That's an amazing idea, Des, and logically (at least to me) that makes perfect sense.
I've never heard of any research being done in that area before though...maybe it's for you to do?
Ebonyeyed 11 years ago
I've already thought of changing my client records to include this info and start experimenting with it, but for this to work out a more detailed clinical research is required. Perhaps if more aromatherapists become interested in trying it out in their sessions, someone from an official organisation will invest in a proper research?? What do you think?
Here in my state, people are really shy about medical records and aromatherapy is not considered or even recognized as a legal alternative or preventative medicine. We aromatherapists are trying to change that but it does take time.
I think it's a good idea though and I will talk to long time clients about it. I don't even keep records. I do a consultation on paper and give the papers to the client when they're leaving. They bring that file with them whenever they return.
Ebonyeyed 11 years ago
Yes, I do understand what you mean. In Greece, we're required to keep a client record by the Hellenic Association of Aromatherapists - and, praise the Lord, we Greeks LOVE sharing our medical history! LOL! It's the most popular topic - more popular than the weather!

Anyway. To go back to the HAA requirements, you unfortunately don't have to be a member to call yourself an aromatherapist because the practice is not recognised at all. To give you a clearer idea, we can't even insure our practice and in order to start your practice all you need is a tax number. No one will come to check your premises and that means, certainly not the Health Dep. So, you could rent ANY flat, that looks horrible and smelly, that does not even have appropriate bathrooms, ventilation etc, and so long as the tax office makes sure it exists as an address, you're fine! You have your aromatherapy practice!

So, now that we're still not many, we're really trying to change things and we are keeping detailed records with the client's signature on them. The audience has far greater faith in aromatherapy than the state or the medical community and they can perhaps make a difference with us. A great percentage of doctors are dead against our practice. The pharmaceuticals, as well. So, we're not allowed to call the practice aromatherapy. We have to call it 'application of essential oils' - which sucks. So, we're trying to get them to understand that we're not interested in becoming doctors and steal their work. All we want is to work with them, to promote health. I'd presonally love to work with a doctor.
Good morning...this is really interesting to me because aromatherapists here in the U.S are in a very similar position, with the exception of keeping records.
Pharmaceutical companies and doctors are usually against us. Pharma's because of the competition and doctors because they just don't believe in it no matter how much research you present. But here also if you're doing business as an aromatherapist all you need is a tax number. I don't necessarily agree with that but I do know that if and when aromatherapy is ever recognized legally they will license it and regulate it and inspect practitioners all the way to the bank and probably put a lot of good practitioners right out of business right along with the bad ones too.
Aromatherapy has become so popular here now that even Glade is calling their air fresheners aromatherapy UGH!
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