Ebonyeyed 11:24am, 10 September 2007
Hi Everyone!

I've recently bought the "Live right 4 your type" book by Dr Peter D'Adamo and found it interesting. My own holistic therapist swears by it. For those who haven't read or heard of it, it basically claims that particular blood types lack the enzymes to metabolise particular foods and that if we only eat the beneficial or neutral foods for our blood type, we lose weight and boost our immune system and general well-being.

If you go through his list, you'll find it pretty comprehensive, including even the kinds of herbs and oils you should (not) be having. So, while reading this book, a thought popped up: Would that mean than we'd best be taking blood type into consideration when choosing carriers and essential oils for us and our clients? If everything's labelled as 'to be avoided', 'beneficial' and 'neutral' when we ingest it, wouldn't they be considered the same for skin absorption and inhalation?

Has any one of you heard of any such research?


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