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My name is Garth and I don't know much about Aromatherapy, but I know that I find candles and incense to be relaxing. I spent the bulk of the winter of 03 making candles of all types. I have an incense box I made and have a variety of scents, though I am not sure what effect different aromas have on me. I'm hoping I will learn something here.
Feel free to teach me what you know so I won't be so ignorant.
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Hi Garth,

Its me, glad to oblige, this group is practically dead, so thought I'd invite a few folk, so thanks for joining! Making candles and incense is great, so feel free to post some pics of those if you want! I have made candles in past, someone had a candle making kit, and you can put a few drops of essential oils to make them smell nice! What scents do you have?

The difference with man made "fragrances" and "100% pure essential oils" which should tell you if it is on any bottle of a known and trusty company, is that the pure oils will have various therapeutic properties.
GWOdland 12 years ago
Can you tell me a little about aromatherapy or point me to a link to learn about it? I am like a babe in the woods when it comes to this stuff.
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Well, where oh where do I start!! It took me a year at college to get my certificate, but at the end of the day, if I studied this subject till my dying day I still wouldn't know it all!!

Basically, Ive always been interested, but as a hobby, or to help you relax/uplift, you can use the oils in a oil burner (like the ones in photos here!), with a little water to scent/disinfect the room. Just make sure the water doesn't dry up or it really stinks, and the burner is hard to clean! I use a normal tea light candle underneath so never leave a room with a candle unattended, to be on safe side.

Or for massage, you could use up to 2% dilution of pure essential oil of your choice, depending what you are using it for, in a base oil ( ie grapeseed) which is odourless. That means 5 drops of essential oil to 10ml of base oil. Or 2 drops of e. oil to 5ml base! Use only a 1% dilution on children, in pregnancy or if breast feeding - then certain oils are contra-indicated in pregnancy too - seek advice first! That means only 2 drops oil to 10ml base, or 1 drop to 5ml. You can also make a blend using up to say, 3 oils at a time, for example 2 drops lavender, 2 drops neroli, and 1 drop vetiver, in 10mls sweet almond, or grapeseed! Using more than one oil creates a synergy meaning that the therapeutic properties of each oil work together enhancing the overall effect. This would be a lovely relaxing blend!

If you are prone to allergies or on alot of medication or other medical problems be careful, perhaps best for asking for docs advise on massage, we have to get a gps permission sometimes if someone has a certain medical condition.

Useful books ive read (especially for college) are mostly by authors Julia Lawless, Shirley Price, Christine Wildwood and Valerie Ann Worwood. Also Robert Tisserand and Gabriel Mojay. Try googling them to see what comes up! I have quite a few books so don't wanna have to type them all out! I'll have a look for some links later. If anyone else wants to help me out here feel free please!
GWOdland 12 years ago
I use incense sticks with a variety of odors and find that lavender seems to help me to relax. Does that count as aromatherapy? Other aromas also help and some are somewhat annoying. I will look into the subject more at a later time but i was wondering is certain aromas or odors are known relaxers.
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Relaxing oils - Roman Chamomile, Sweet Marjoram, Clary Sage, Neroli, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Frankincense, Lavender, Rose, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Melissa, Pettigrain, and some other citrus oils can be uplifing as well as relaxing such as sweet orange, grapefruit, mandarin the list is endless, but remember to check that it says on the bottle "100% pure essential oil" and then make a blend (see what I wrote above), for massage, or use neat in an oil burner.

I suppose some incense sticks and even perfumes may have real herbs or aromatherapy oils in them, but some may be fake, so hard to say unless you check ingredients.
witchy91 11 years ago
oh thanks for inviting me to put the photos here. i love using essential oils and herbs in my soaps. i only use synthetics when i really have to. which isn't very often thankfully.

Eggybird PRO 11 years ago
Your very welcome Rebecca,

Your soaps and products look scrumptious, oh if I could buy your stuff in a nearby shop in Glasgow!! Then again, I have enough soaps, incense sticks and oils in my flat to last me a lifetime!! ;-)

Thanks for posting again!
Issy x
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