Wildscreen Arkive 4:21pm, 6 April 2009
Below is the list of suggested machine tags you can use when submitting your images to the ARKive Flickr group.

If you have any suggestions regarding the list, please post your comments in this thread.

List of suggested machine tags:

(Enclose the name or status in quotation marks if it contains a space)

Common name

Species scientific name

IUCN Red List category
Find the Red List status of a species
status:IUCN=Extinct or status:IUCN=EX
status:IUCN="Extinct in the wild" or status:IUCN=EW
status:IUCN="Critically endangered" or status:IUCN=CR
status:IUCN=Endangered or status:IUCN=EN
status:IUCN=Vulnerable or status:IUCN=VU
status:IUCN="Near threatened" or status:IUCN=NT
status:IUCN="Least concern" or status:IUCN=LC
status:IUCN="Data deficient" or status:IUCN=DD
status:IUCN="Not evaluated" or status:IUCN=NE

CITES Appendix
Search the CITES species database
status:CITES="Appendix I"
status:CITES="Appendix II"
status:CITES="Appendix III"

USFWS status
Find the US Fish & Wildlife Service status of a species
status:USFWS="Listed endangered" or status:USFWS=LE
status:USFWS="Listed threatened" or status:USFWS=LT
status:USFWS="Partial status" or status:USFWS=PS
status:USFWS="Experimental nonessential population" or status:USFWS=XN
status:USFWS="Proposed for delisting" or status:USFWS=PDL
status:USFWS="Proposed endangered" or status:USFWS=PE
status:USFWS="Proposed threatened" or status:USFWS=PT

Location using geographic co-ordinates
geo:lat=* (latitude)
geo:lon=* (longitude)
geo:alt=* (altitude)
Giles Winstanley 7 years ago
What is the recommended protocol for synonyms under common name? Many species have numerous common names, so it is fairly arbitrary to simply pick one and use that. Perhaps several separate taxonomy:common=" tags, or comma-separated within a single tag...?
brittgow PRO 6 years ago
I didn't tag the images like this before adding to the group. Can I go back and add the relevant tags to have them appear in the Arkive Search?
Wildscreen Arkive 6 years ago
Adding in tags to images already in the group is fine. The ARKive Flickr group pool will be imported before each update to the ARKive website, so it may just take a couple of weeks for your images to appear on the species pages.

Please note that images from the ARKive Flickr pool won't appear in search results on the ARKive site, you will find them by clicking on the 'Your photos' link on the species pages.
Dear ARKive,

I'm sorry, I do not understand the last paragraph above:

"Please note that images from the ARKive Flickr pool won't appear in search results on the ARKive site"

Would you kindly respond yes or no, and please do not make it terribly complicated. May visitors to the ARKive website search and find appropriate los-res images that are linked from personal Flickr photostreams (properly tagged)?

Or did you say that only I may view my own los-res images that are linked from my personal Flickr photostream (properly tagged)?

If you can answer this question, I would be happy to provide you with some of my botanical photos. If not, I'm afraid I am not sophisticated enough to understand what you are saying.

Virens (Latin for greening)
Virens (Latin for greening) Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Virens (Latin for greening) (member) 5 years ago
Dear ARKive,

This is how my 1,000+ botanical photos are tagged. These tags should be all any search engine needs to look up plants. All the other plant databases use the nonclemature "Scientific name" or "common name".

Flickr does not have tools to automatically insert all the words you have listed above.

My photos are geotagged. Here is how they are labelled, which is the typical convention to be included in the "Wildflowers of North America" Flickr group pool.

Ranunculus ficaria - Lesser Celandine

Plant Conservation Alliance Alien Plant Working Group

"herbaceous perennial", Ranunculaceae, "Buttercup Family"
Ficaria, "Ficaria verna", "formerly Ranunculus", "formerly Ranunculus ficaria" "Lesser Celandine", "Fig Buttercup", "yellow flower", wildflower, "native to Eurasia", "invasive in United States".

Would my photos meet you tagging requirements?

Thank you,
Virens (Latin for greening)
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