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true friendship

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chRON.ron says:

Greetings to all ...chron.ron here.

I have alot of contacts from around the world and love to meet new people.

The current climate in the gulf is difficult for even the most patriotic of people to swallow.

America is a young little country....but we want to get along with all...and certainly dont want to aggitate those who dislike us.

I apologize for my country's actions...with a slight nudge to all of you to help us understand our mistakes as well as how to make the best decisions for the regions which will last indefinitely.

Religions and mythologies aside....we all must be part of the global village.

The path towards peace, prosperity, harmony, community and spiritual happiness starts with words and ends with compassion and tolerance.

Lets all overcome the odds and keep the flames of real friendship alive while dissolving the factors that keep us from sharing our cultures in a more profound and enlightening way..

love and peace
6:11AM, 12 April 2007 PDT (permalink)

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majed_99 is a group administrator majed_99 says:

gen-why.com's CHRON.ron
thanks .
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