Aquarium of the Pacific PRO 5:09pm, 22 October 2012
Thanks for coming out and joining us on our fourth Photographers Night!

We are seeing a great influx of amazing photographs. Please don't let them get lost as the event fades away. Tag them with aopnite1012 after adding them to our group (or before) so that we can filter all the photos taken that night and see them in one spot.

Don't forget we also have a photo contest! Pick your best shot and tag it with pnc102012 or pnc10212012 (there was some confusion) and you will automatically be entered to win a Behind the Scenes Tour for four with particular focus on great photo ops! Runner up gets four general admission tickets, and third place gets two. Only photos taken on Photographers Night are eligible.

Deadline was midnight October 7, 2012 but obviously that was a mistake since that already passed. To make it easier on everyone, we'll just set it forward one month to November 7, 2012 as the new deadline. Stay tuned for the results in late November.

Have any questions? How about some feedback? Whether this was your first photo night or maybe your fifth, we'd love to know what you thought about the event, the workshops, etc. We're listening, so leave your comments below.

Thanks and see you next year!
scubastars2 5 years ago
Awesome workshop again. I say again because this is my second participation in Photographers Night. Looking forward to the next one.
Rebecca Harkness 5 years ago
I uploaded a photo hours ago but I don't see it yet. Does it have to get approved?
docjoque 5 years ago
I see the blurb says BEST SHOT, so I'm assuming we can only enter 1 shot per participant. However, I see a few people with more than one shot entered (tagged with pnc102012 ). How do you choose which shot gets to be entered, or are we actually allowed to enter more than one photo?
You can only enter one and most people that we have caught entering more than one have been approached. If there is more than one per photographer, that photographer's photos are disqualified.
pantshole 5 years ago
Aquarium of the Pacific:

Can one Flickr account submit two photos if it's a shared account and both people attended the photo night? Thanks!
Aquarium of the Pacific PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Aquarium of the Pacific (admin) 5 years ago
We received so many wonderful entries this year, it was really difficult for us to narrow them down. We decided this year that in addition to sharing our top three entries, we looked through all the photos tagged with aopnite1012 on Flickr (whether or not they made it to our group) and selected a few as honorable mentions. All the photos we selected will be featured in this gallery.

Please help us congratulate our 2012 Photographers Night Photo Contest Winners:

Grand Prize: Octopus by Girylyloop


First Runner Up: Lionfish by Barnoli


Third Place: Rockfish by Kevin Chu Photography

Girlyloop 5 years ago
I've e-mailed my contact info regarding the prize, but I still have not heard anything.
KevinChuPhotography 5 years ago
Same issue with Girlyloops :) I sent my contact information but haven't heard back yet. Thanks again!
Girlyloop 5 years ago
Still waiting to be contacted. :(
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