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I have "Carl Zeiss Jena Apo-Tessar 30cm F9" and "Nikon Apo-Nikkor 30cm F9."

I ask a lens maniac's person, it got to know that "Russian Apo-Tessar = LOMO Industar-11M (ИНДУСТАР-11M) 1:9 F=30cm FKD reproduction" which LOMO made made in Russia existed.
I purchased by eBay soon.

That is because I wanted to discern the real value of "Russian Apo-Tessar".
There is three kinds of above Lenses(es) is similar appearance is very interesting. And Lens Mount is also the completely same at M53/P= 0.75.

Although all lens was called Apochromat Process Lens, when taking a photograph on the spot and comparing, it is the most sharp and the thing of Nikon had high resolution, but this lens is chroma saturation was low.

I have five Apo-Tessar of Carl Zeiss Jena is owned at different generation .
The first one-sheet lens tends to carry out Haze of the most oldest lens immediately in two months. Even if a lens is polished and it removes Haze. However, in two months, Haze is carried out again. This oldest Carl Zeiss Jena's lens is depiction is resolution slightly lower than Nikon. And the chromatic aberration was remained a little.

My newest "Carl Zeiss Jena Apo-Tessar T 30cm F9" lens is no Haze. I think change of a material.
Although this new depiction of a lens of which T coating lens was little is depiction is resolution lower than Nikon is lost. It has been improved, so that a photographic subject's textures, gradation, and a contrast ratio are surprised. And even if it takes a photograph by DSLR, take a wonderful image quality is obtained. Chroma saturation is higher.

Although "LOMO Industar-11M (ИНДУСТАР-11M) 1:9 F=30cm" purchased recently is a wonderful article in polite structure, a chromatic aberration is considerably conspicuous when taking a photograph by DSLR.

I think that the lens of LOMO is no good. Not a Apo-Lens.
I am understand the difference between mud and the sun, as compared with "Carl Zeiss Jena Apo-Tessar T".
I was so much disappointed to LOMO.

LOMO Industar-11M (ИНДУСТАР-11M) 1:9 F=30cm FKD reproduction
(for Large Format Apochromat Process Lens) M53/P0.75 Screw Mount
Original Size (3744 x 5616)

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Thank you and hope to see more.

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Thank you for the kind advice.
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Carl Zeiss Jena APO-Tessar 300mm F9
(for Large Format Process Lens.) M53/P0.75 Screw Mount.
BelOMO (Zavod Diaproektor) VORSATZ Double Extension Bellows for M42 Screw Mount
Белорусское оптико-механическое объединение
Russia Krasnogorski Mekhanicheski Zavod (KMZ) Product . (manufacture, 1964.)

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