genotypewriter PRO 5:06am, 3 December 2010
First of all, I too like the idea of having a group for a select number of supreme IQ lenses. But I don't quite agree with the rule about the APO designation as the main deciding factor on what is good.

For example Sigma has many lenses (including high zoom-factor zooms!) marked APO but we know the truth behind the final images. Then there are other manufacturers who don't mark their lenses "APO" but they produce images that are chromatically cleaner than anything out there.

I thought of writing this because the group rules seem to be conflicting with what the group really wants to be. Please correct me if I'm wrong...

HIRO.Morison PRO 7 years ago
I agree to your opinion.
"APO" that Sigma means is a brand name and no Apochromat in the meaning of the truth.
It is a thing near Achromat. "APO" of Leica, Voigtlander, and Rodenstock is not complete either.
The thing that can be called Apochromat in the meaning of the truth
I think that Apochromat Lens made from a severe standard of the two companies of Carl Zeiss and Nikon is a real thing.
genotypewriter PRO 7 years ago
Can you think of any current Nikon or Zeiss lenses that are APO? :)
HIRO.Morison PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by HIRO.Morison (member) 6 years ago
These are perfect APO though I always use " Carl Zeiss APO-Tessar 240mm F9 " &" Nikon APO-Nikkor 360mm F9, 240mm F9 " etc.
It is unexceptionable.

Perfection is lacked a little though it likes classic description and it likes "Rodenstock APO-Ronar-L 240mm F9" and "Rodenstock APO-Gerogon 240mm F9" often used. Still, it is seen a perfect image compared with APO of Sigma.

Apo-Lens which SONY & Sigma sells was rectified imperfectly, and is not true APO.
Colet is a brand name.
wysswong 6 years ago
How about the superachromat of hassey? and the APO-Lanthor from old german Voig?
genotypewriter PRO 6 years ago
Thanks ! The problem is it's very difficult to check if those APO-Tessars and APO-Nikkors are really APO or just low in CA because of their simple, slow designs. Agree that APO of Sigma doesn't mean much at all but I have to say, the Sigma 150mm f/2.8 OS APO Macro has some of the best correction I've seen on a DSLR lens... and I have what, from my experience, is the best non-special purpose DSLR lens (Canon 200/2L IS) when it comes to CA correction.

: The Superachromat is a design by Carl Zeiss. It's difficult to tell if the prices they command thesedays is because of their correction or because of their rarity (I suspect the latter) but a high quality 300 f/2.8 that covers 6x6 can't be cheap any way. I have seen CZ's own descriptions saying the Superachromats are corrected for 4 wavelengths so they're going by the good definition I guess. The old APO-Lanthars followed a very vague definition of what APO means and this is also what Hiro meant by "classic description". The relatively new 125 f/2.5 APO has excellent correction too btw. Not the others.
phlog 4 years ago
CZ 135/2.0 Sonnar APO
CZ Otus 55/1.4 Distagon APO

I do not think Nikon has any APO designated lenses for SLR but there are Nikon lenses that are practically APO lenses such as the Nikkor 200mm/2 which has Super ED elements in there, 500mm/4VR, 600mm/4VR.
genotypewriter PRO 4 years ago
Yeah now there are two new lenses from Zeiss since this thread was started.

The Super ED in Nikon is not quite as good as fluorite... which is the reason why Nikon has started using fluorite all over again. Reminds me of the times when BMW and their fans swore against turbo charging and then when the BMW released the turbo cars the fans didn't want anything less. Or that time when apple went from power pc to intel and the term "wintel" went from a derogatory term to a matter of fact :D
jcAOY PRO 3 years ago
From personal experience I think the following are as close to APO as I've seen:

Leica 100 f2.8 Elmarit-R APO
Leica 180 f2 Summicron APO
Zeiss 135mm f2 APO Sonnar
Nikon 200 f2 VR

I'm sure that the Otus lenses are there as well, as are others, but I haven't used them, so can't make a first hand statement about them.

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