Nantonos 9:32am, 5 August 2009
Any experience with the (medium format) Mamiya 645 Super Pro TL 120mm APO Macro Lens? The combination of APO and macro is interesting and there are Mamiya 645 to Nikon AI adapters available.

I would be interested in any comments from people who have owned or used this lens (on any body).
dre.gonzalez 9 years ago
Hello! I have the Mamiya Macro A 120/4 . I bought it to use with my D700, though I haven't had any opportunity to do so at any great length. I use both the Fotodiox and the Kindai adapters, though I prefer the latter.

Unfortunately I do not think this lens is an APO. I have not found any documentation or technical papers that say so. I could be wrong, and I would be happier for it. The lens goes to 1:1 and it almost doubles in length when fully extended. The front element is recessed deep into the lens body. The focus ring is as smooth and damped as they come. The aperture ring surely clicks into place, but it is looser than I like. However it seems that all Mamiya lenses share this quality.

As soon as I receive my camera from repair, I will post some samples.
Nantonos 9 years ago
I have seen the lens sold as APO on ebay, but the Mamiya site has the unusual wording 'apo-like' which is .... odd.
dre.gonzalez 9 years ago
Hello Nantonos! My camera is back and here are a couple of shots.

Mamiya 120/4 ♥ Nikon 50/1.2 by dre.gonzalez

D700 ♥ FE2 by dre.gonzalez

The details are in the description. I think its a good lens. If there is a particular shot/setting you'd like, I will try to oblige if it isn't too out of the way.
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