Jamie Kitson 10:52pm, 27 September 2012

doing a with has_geo=0 returns nothing, even using the API Explorer. Sometimes nothing at all, sometimes zero photos, and yet I have plenty of non-geo-tagged photos. If I do the same search with has_geo=1 I get results. This started happening last night at around this time and started working again at about 2pm (BST) today, and then stopped working again tonight at about 9:30pm.

This is completely stopping my app from functioning :(

Cheers, Jamie Kitson

ps, if you're testing this and you find it works, try it multiple times as it does occasionally work for me too, but nine times out of ten it fails.
Jamie Kitson 9 years ago
It seems to work more often using JSONP for some reason.
Jamie Kitson 9 years ago
It's started working again now.
seallyb 9 years ago
I'm having similar problems with but not with has_geo. It either returns no photos or returns fewer photos than requested. It just started breaking for me yesterday as well.

I think there may just be an issue with
norsez Posted 9 years ago. Edited by norsez (member) 9 years ago
Yes returns 0 a lot for me as well. I am using mostly json. I'll see if jsonp is any better then.


Just tried jsonp, the results are similarly inconsistent.
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