Antonio Tajuelo PRO 10:36am, 8 January 2010
Hello everyone,

I have been testing the new Wordpress 2.9 oEmbed feature for the last few days. The issue I have is that I think oEmbed service at Flickr doesn't provide the large (1024) size of the requested photo (I'm assuming a bigger original photo, so that automaticly generated big size file exists).

Here's an example request (please note the maxwidth and maxheight attributes set at 1200):

And here's Flickr oEmbed service response:

<title>Texas Snow Birds</title>
<author_name>Big Grey Mare</author_name>

As you can see, it just provides the medium size data from the photo, even if it should provide the data for the big (1024) version of the photo.

Is there any way to get the large image data from flickr oEmbed service??
Clint Lalonde 7 years ago
I'm also experiencing this. Anyone else know if 500 px is the maximum width Flickr returns with an oEmbed response? If so, is this intentional or unexpected?
henrylyne PRO 5 years ago
I just updated the flickr oembed code to support the medium 640 size and the large(1024) size when maxwidth or maxheight is specified. The default size returned when neither are specified is still the medium 500px size.
m7zhao PRO 5 years ago
The large size was working for me before but recently stopped working (not sure exactly when, noticed it today).

Now when I do:

It returns the 640px size.
m7zhao PRO 5 years ago
Still having this issue... can someone from Flickr investigate? Thanks!
Shawn Caza 5 years ago
Until recently I was getting Medium sized images returned. Now I'm only getting small images with maxwidth set to 525. If I raise the maxwidth I still get small images.
joellemiller 4 years ago
I can't get large (1025) images either. Only 640 size. I'm suing the wordpress embed feature and have specified a max width / height as instructed here:

I've also followed these steps here to no avail:

Any help with getting larger images through oembed would be appreciated.
Sam Judson PRO 4 years ago
Not really familiar with oEmbed, but the large size seems to be returned if you don't specify a maxHeight or maxWidth at all.
juan.monroy 4 years ago

You have to add the line of code to your functions.php. I've changed content_width to different values, but it looks like Flickr only serves images of the following sizes: 320, 640, and 1024.
juan.monroy 4 years ago
Hi all,

It looks like a while ago, Flickr only served, via oembed, images no larger than 500px. From playing around with some oembed requests, it appears that Flickr now serves images of 320, 640, and 1024 px.

I'd like to use images that are 500px wide (496px would be ideal, but I'll take what I can get at this point). Is it possible to get those 500px images via oembed?
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